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Centro Studi Americani, Via Michelangelo Caetani 32

10:00-11:10 AM


Opening Remarks
Giorgio Mariani, Sapienza University of Rome
Rodney Ford, US Embassy in Rome

I - Pynchon and the Publishing Industry (Chair: Giorgio Mariani)

​11:30-12:30 AM

11:30 Terry Reilly (University of Alaska-Fairbanks) - Pynchon's “The Secret Integration” and the Saturday Evening Post

 11:50 Jeffrey Severs (University of British Columbia) - The Hot Center of the American Literary Establishment: Candida Donadio and the Growth of Pynchon's Career 

12:10 Discussion

12:30 AM-2:00 PM Lunch break

II - Pynchon in Italy (Chair: Ugo Rubeo)

2:00-3:00 PM

2:00 Paolo Simonetti (Sapienza University) - Publishing Pynchon in Italy, or The Bompiani Papers

2:20 Christian Hänggi (University of Basel) - From Vivaldi to “Volare”: Pynchon's Love for Italian Music

2:40 Discussion

III - Bones, Death and the Hereafter (Chair: Eric Sandberg)

3:00-4:20 PM

3:00 Burak Sezer (University of Cologne) - From Rainbows to Stonebows: Ossifying Mathematics in Gravity's Rainbow

3:20 David Kipen (University of California at Los Angeles) - Facing the Prospect of Thomas Pynchon's Obituary

3:40 Michael Harris (Central College) - Of Spirits, Ghosts, and the Bardo

4:00-4:20 Discussion

4:20-4:50 PM Coffee Break

IV - History vs. Counter-History (Chair: Luc Herman)

4:50-6:10 PM

4:50 Eric Sandberg (City University of Hong Kong) - Inherent Vice and Bleeding Edge: History, Memory, Nostalgia

5:10 Romina Kipouridou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) - Historiography and Eschatology in Thomas Pynchon

5:30 Frank Palmeri (University of Miami) - Composite and Asynchronous Histories in Pynchon and Whitehead

5:50-6:10 Discussion

Edificio Marco Polo, Aula Magna
Circonvallazione Tiburtina 4

VI - Bleeding Edge (Chair: Inger H. Dalsgaard)

10:00-11:20 PM

10:00 Thoren Opitz (LMU Munich) - Pynchon and Martial Arts

10:20 Sergej Macura (University of Belgrade) - Real News, Fake News: Mimetic Language Games in Bleeding Edge

10:40 Jaime Harrison (Queen’s University Belfast) - “It Could Never Happen Today. Nobody's in Control of the Internet”: Bleeding Edge's New Media Intertexts

111:00-11:20 Discussion

​11:20-11:50 AM Coffee break

VII - Pynchon's Sensory Cartographies (Chair: Ali Dehdarirad)

11:50-13:10 AM

11:50 Heidi LaVine (Westminster College) - The Nose Knows: Mapping Pynchon's Olfactory Topographies

12:10 Keith Wilhite (Siena College) - Private Eyes: Mapping the Megalopolis in Pynchon's California

12:30 Justin St Clair (University of South Alabama) - Hear Ye, Hear ye: Audioposition and Sound Judgement in Pynchon's Fiction

12:50-13:10 Discussion 

13:10 AM-15:10 PM Lunch break

15:30 A Walking Tour of San Lorenzo and the Città Universitaria.

Edificio Marco Polo, Aula Magna
Circonvallazione Tiburtina 4

​10:30-11:00 AM Coffee Time

VIII - Body Matters (Chair: Zofia Kolbuszewska)

11:00-12:20 AM

11:00 Gregory Stephen Marks (La Trobe University, Australia) - “Falling Away from What is Human”: Pynchon and the Posthuman Gothic

11:20 Patrick Sherwood (Independent scholar) - The Connections of Pynchonian Women

11:40 Doug Haynes (University of Sussex) - Pynchon's Pornographies

12:00-12:20 Discussion

12:20 AM-2:40 PM Lunch break

IX - Paranoia, Invasions, Conspiracies: Pynchon's Narratives of Menace (Chair: Ali Chetwynd)

2:40-3:40 PM

2:40 Inger H. Dalsgaard (Aarhus University) - The American Reading Conspiracy: Paranoid Interpretations of US History and Pynchon Novels

3:00 Nina Muždeka (University of Novi Sad) - Killing Dodoes, Sending Doodlebugs: Reading Gravity's Rainbow as an Invasion Narrative with a Postmodernist Twist

3.20-3:40 Discussion

​3:40-4:40 PM Coffee break & Great Pynchonian Shoptalk

Introduced and coordinated by John KRAFFT, professor emeritus, University of Miami

20:00 PM

Social Dinner



Via dei Messapi 14

Edificio Marco Polo, Aula Magna
Circonvallazione Tiburtina 4

X - Annihilation and Nihilism (Chair: Paolo Simonetti)

9:30-10:50 AM

9:30 Bryian M. Santin (Concordia University Irvine) - Fascism for Freedom: Notes Toward a Pynchonian Genealogy of Fascism and Postwar US Conservatism

9:50 Richard Moss (Durham University) - Blicero Through the Lens of Early Nazi Occultism

10:10 Paolo Prezzavento (Independent Scholar) - “A Dream of Annihilation”: Anarchic Plots and the De-humanization of Love and Politics

10:30-10:50 Discussion

​10:50-11:20 AM Coffee break

XI - Visual Pynchon (Chair: Yorgos Maragos)

11:20-12:40 AM

11:20 Gilles Chamerois (Université de Brest) - “Staring at the Wallpaper” in Pynchon

11:40 Angelo Grossi (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) - “When They Went to Movies He Would Fall Asleep”: Film Spectatorship and Cinematic Apparatus in Gravity's Rainbow

12:00 Dominika Bugno-Narecka (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin) - “Messages From Beyond”: On Verbal Representations of the Non-Verbal in the Works of Thomas Pynchon

12:20-12:40 Discussion

12:40 AM-2:40 PM Lunch break

XII - Pynchonesque Vistoes: New Perspectives (Chair: Umberto Rossi)

2:40-4:00 PM

2:40 Samir Sellami (Independent Scholar) - From Gravity to Grace

3:00 Ali Dehdarirad (Sapienza University) - Alternative Worlds, Subjunctive Urbanisms: Postnational Visions in Against the Day
3:20 Gary Thompson (Saginaw Valley State University) - Pynchonian Jeremiads

3:40-4:00 Discussion

4:00-4:30 PM Coffee break

XIII - Adaptations (Chair: Gilles Chamerois)

4:30-6:00 PM

4:30 David Coughlan ( U. of Limerick, Eire) - Mason & Dixon and Pynchon and Miller & Pynchon and Maurer

4:50 Umberto Rossi (Independent Scholar) - V. vs. V for Vendetta: From Pynchon to Moore and Back

5:10 Kostas Kaltsas (University of Southampton/Bath Spa University) - “In the Father Without Knowing Him” The Somewhat Strange Case of a 'Reluctant' Pynchon Epigone

5:30-6:00 Discussion and conclusion

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